When the HTML page loads, the JavaScript calls that were written by the ADC processor pipeline are executed. These calls import the Click-to-Call libraries and set the Click-to-Call variables.

When the libraries are loaded, they execute functions that insert Click-to-Call links in the <div> tags. These links include JavaScript calls for creating popup windows for initiating phone calls with customer service agents. For example, the following appears on the Contact Us page:

<div id="atg_store_c2c_contactUs">
  <a href="javascript:webVoicePop('Template=733654','urid=256029');">
    <img border="0" alt="Click to speak to a representative"

This code creates the link that appears on the Contact Us page below the Phone heading:

This illustration is described in the preceding text.

For more information about Oracle Click-to-Call On Demand, see the ATG Commerce Service Center Installation and Programming Guide.

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