The build system relies on the Apache Ant build tool. To install and configure Ant, do the following:

  1. Download version 1.7.0 of the Ant build tool binary file from and unzip it to a directory. This directory will be the ANT_HOME directory.

  2. Create an ANT_HOME environment variable and set it to reference the directory where the Ant build tool has been unzipped.

  3. Add ANT_HOME to your PATH environment variable:

    On UNIX, add:


    On windows, add:


  4. Open a UNIX shell or command prompt and run this command to verify that Ant is installed correctly:

    ant -version

The build system also requires version 3.5 of the Flex SDK in order to build the Business Control Center user interface elements that are defined in the Store.Estore.Versioned module. (Note that you can build this module without the Flex SDK if you are only modifying its Java classes and configuration.) After installing the Flex SDK, there are two additional build properties that must be set. See Building Business Control Center User Interface Elements for detailed information.

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