In addition to the standard Oracle ATG Web Commerce restrictions on returns, Commerce Reference Store is configured to allow returns only on orders placed in the past 90 days. If an order was placed longer than 90 days before, the Order Detail page does not include a Return Items button, and displays the following message:

This illustration is described in the preceding text.

The maximum age of a returnable order is controlled by the daysAllowedToReturn property of the /atg/commerce/custsvc/returns/ReturnTools component. This component, which is of class, configures a number of behaviors of the returns system. The daysAllowedToReturn property is set by default to 90, but you can set this property to a different value, depending on the returns policy you want to enforce.

Note: All of the orders included with Commerce Reference Store are more than 90 days old, and therefore by default are shown as nonreturnable. In order to demonstrate the returns functionality in Commerce Reference Store, you can set the value of the daysAllowedToReturn property to -1, which means orders can be returned regardless of when they were placed. (Other return restrictions, such as individual items that are marked as nonreturnable, still apply.)

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