3.4.1 Using the Oracle VM Guest Additions Daemon to Enable First-Boot Configuration

If you are configuring a virtual machine to act as a template or if you intend to clone it, you may want to set it up so that at next boot it behaves as if it is booting for the first time, thereby prompting for configuration input either by the VM API or on the virtual machine console. This can be achieved by running the following commands as root within the virtual machine:

# ovmd -s cleanup
# service ovmd enable-initial-config
# shutdown -h now

On next boot, the virtual machine acts as if it is performing a first-time boot.

If you have configured ovmd to run as a service, you are able to configure it remotely using the messaging facility and the ovm-template-config script.

See the example Section 3.4.2, “Using the Messaging Channel” for more information on using the messaging channel. Also see Section 3.6, “The Oracle VM Template Configuration Script and Modules” for information about the ovm-template-config script.