Backing up Directories and Logs

Each backup is stored in a directory within the path defined by DBBACKUP. The backup directory is named AutoFullBackup-MMDDYYYY_hhmmss. Within the backup directory is a log file, named AutoBackup.log, containing information about the events that took place during the backup process. The backup directory contains a backup of the MySQL configuration file, a datadir directory containing the binary log for the database, a meta directory containing files specific to the MySQL Enterprise Backup process that was run at the time, and the actual MBI image file for the database that is backed up.

Only the 21 most recent backups are maintained within the DBBACKUP path. Manual backups, where the backup directory name is not prepended with AutoFullBackup, are ignored by the rotation.

Currently, it is not possible to change the frequency of automatic backups, or the number of automatic backups that are retained during a rotation.