5.2 Oracle WebLogic Server Backup and Restore

In general, it is not necessary to perform a separate backup of the Oracle WebLogic Server component used by Oracle VM Manager, however in the instance that you have created separate Oracle WebLogic Server users to facilitate a number of different login credentials that can be used to access Oracle VM Manager you may need to perform your own backup of the Oracle WebLogic Server LDAP directory used for authentication. This is particularly important if you intend to upgrade Oracle VM Manager, as there is a possibility that any user credentials that have been manually configured within Oracle WebLogic Server may be lost during an update process.

Full documentation describing the Oracle WebLogic Server LDAP backup process and how to configure Oracle WebLogic Server LDAP backups can be found at:


In the Oracle VM context, LDAP data for Oracle WebLogic Server is stored in:


Based on the information provided in the Oracle WebLogic Server documentation, you can perform a full backup of this directory on your own schedule, or you can rely on Oracle WebLogic Server's automated backups located in:


If you opt to use the Oracle WebLogic Server backup service, you may wish to change some of the default backup parameters as described in:


Note that in the instructions presented in the link provided, the domain for the Oracle VM Manager application is ovm_domain.