6.2.5 Storage Array LUN Remapping on Oracle VM Servers

Storage array LUN remapping is not supported by Oracle VM Servers. An Oracle VM Server must maintain the connections to a storage array's logical drive using the same LUN IDs. If a LUN is remapped, the following error may be printed in the Oracle VM Server's messages log:

Warning! Received an indication that the LUN assignments on this target have changed. 
The Linux SCSI layer does not automatically remap LUN assignments.

To work around this issue:

  • For Fibre Channel storage, reboot the Oracle VM Server. The new storage array LUN IDs are used.

  • For iSCSI storage, restart the iscsi daemon on the Oracle VM Server to delete and restore all iSCSI target connections, for example:

    # service iscsi restart

    Alternatively, on the Oracle VM Server, log out and log in again to the target for which the LUN IDs have changed, for example:

    # iscsiadm --mode node --logout iqn.xyz:1535.600a0b800036e48a0000000047b30d8d
    # iscsiadm --mode node --login iqn.xyz:1535.600a0b800036e48a0000000047b30d8d