Chapter 2 Oracle VM Utilities

The Oracle VM Utilities are a collection of command line scripts that allow you to perform a set of basic management tasks on Oracle VM Servers, storage repositories and virtual machines in an Oracle VM environment.

While many of the command line tools provided by Oracle VM Utilities are useful, as of Oracle VM Release 3.2 many of the actions they allow you to perform can be achieved using the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface, which provides a wider range of control over objects within Oracle VM Manager. The Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface provides better information about objects and affords more flexibility when dealing with particular object types. See the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface User's Guide for more information.

The Oracle VM Utilities described in this chapter are at release 2.0. The Oracle VM Utilities Release 2.0 are only able to be used with Oracle VM Release 3.3 or higher. If you attempt to execute any of the scripts on an earlier version, a warning message is displayed to inform you that the script is not supported. If you attempt to use an earlier version of the Oracle VM Utilities on Oracle VM Release 3.3 or higher, they will not work due to the changes in the Oracle VM API.

Only the ovm_vmhostd and vm_dump_metrics scripts are supported by Oracle Support. All other command line scripts in the Oracle VM Utilities are provided as-is, for your convenience. They are not officially or formally supported by Oracle. However, the use of these scripts is officially supported when performing the steps to set up hard partitioning as described in Setting Hard Partitioning for Virtual Machine CPUs in the Oracle VM Concepts Guide, and in the white paper Hard Partitioning With Oracle VM Server for x86 located at: