5.1.1 Backing Up The Oracle VM Manager Configuration File

To back up Oracle VM Manager, you should back up the Oracle VM Manager configuration file. This file contains info

The Oracle VM Manager configuration file is located at:


This configuration file contains database connection information, ports and the UUID used by Oracle VM Manager. The structure of this configuration file follows:

Example 5.1 Oracle VM Manager configuration file

DBTYPE=Database type, legacy: always 'MySQL' for Oracle VM Manager 3.3.1 and above
DBHOST=Hostname of database server, legacy: always 'localhost' for Oracle VM Manager 3.3.1 and above
SID=Oracle SID: default value of 'ovs'
LSNR=Database listener port number: default value of '49500'
OVSSCHEMA=Oracle VM Manager database name: default value of 'ovs'
APEX=Legacy option: always None for Oracle VM Manager 3.3.1 and above
WLSADMIN=Oracle WebLogic Server administrator: default value of weblogic
OVSADMIN=Oracle VM Manager administrator: default value of admin
COREPORT=Oracle VM Manager core port: default value of 54321
UUID=Oracle VM Manager UUID
BUILDID=Oracle VM Manager version and build number

To backup this configuration file, copy it to a safe alternative location.