Oracle VM Diagnostic Capture (VMPInfo3)

For diagnostic purposes, Oracle Support Services use a script called VMPInfo3 that automatically collects vital troubleshooting information from your Oracle VM environment. This script is installed when you install Oracle VM Manager and is located at:


The script is usually run with a minimum of two parameters, as follows:

./vmpinfo3.sh --username=admin

The script creates a tarball in the /tmp directory. When the script has finished running, it notifies you of the filename for the tarball that it has created and instructs you to send the file to Oracle Support. An example of the output follows:

 Please send /tmp/vmpinfo3-3.x.y.z-20130123-163252.tar.gz to Oracle OVM support

The script can be run to list all servers that it is able to report on with the listservers argument:

./vmpinfo3.sh --username=admin listservers

It is also possible to limit the amount of data that the script collects to a specified set of servers. This can be done using the servers argument and providing a comma-separated list of the servers that you would like to collect data for:

./vmpinfo3.sh --username=admin servers=myserver1.example.com,myserver2.example.com

For detailed information about the script, its purpose and usage, please consult the support note with Doc ID 1521931.1. You can also find this document by logging on to My Oracle Support and searching the knowledge base for "vmpinfo3".