2.4.5 Oracle VM Hostd For Metrics Messaging (ovm_vmhostd and vm-dump-metrics)

The Oracle VM Utilities include tools that ensure that SAP applications are fully supported and certified to run on Oracle Linux guests running within a Oracle VM environment. These tools facilitate the communication of host-based statistics about the Oracle VM Server hosting a particular virtual machine, using the virtual machine messaging facility provided by Oracle VM Manager, to the virtual machine itself.

For this functionality to succeed, the guest virtual machine should be running Oracle Linux with the Oracle VM Guest Additions installed. See Chapter 3, Oracle VM Guest Additions for more information.

These are the only tools within the Oracle VM Utilities that are officially supported by Oracle.

The ovm_vmhostd utility runs with daemon-like behavior. It initially checks that the virtual machine is running, and then sends the Oracle VM Server metrics as a message. It sleeps for 60 seconds and then sends a message updating the values for the original message. This behavior continues until the process is killed.


ovm_vmhostd { -u username } { -p password | -E } { -h hostname } [ -v vm_name ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.



-u username

The username of an Oracle VM Manager admin user. This option is required.

{ -p password | -E }

The -p option is the password corresponding with the admin username. Alternatively, you can use the -E option to set the password in an environment variable named OVMUTIL_PASS, and securely submit the password. To set this variable for a single session on Oracle Linux, use:

# export OVMUTIL_PASS=password

This option is required.

-h hostname

The hostname of the server running Oracle VM Manager. This option is required.

-v vm_name

The virtual machine name. The virtual machine name is the name you assign during the creation of the virtual machine.


Example 2.9 Sending Oracle VM Server details to a virtual machine

# ./ovm_vmhostd -u admin -E -h localhost -v myvm
Oracle VM Hostd version.
VM : 'pvm1' has status :  Running.
VM: 'pvm1' is online, sending metrics.
.Sleeping 60 seconds.
.Sleeping 60 seconds.
.Sleeping 60 seconds.