2.1 Introduction to the Oracle VM Utilities

The Oracle VM Utilities are command line scripts used to execute certain basic operations on your Oracle VM environment. These utilities make a connection to the Oracle VM Manager host, using the server host name and an Oracle VM Manager administrative user name and password. After authentication, commands can be submitted to Oracle VM Manager from the command line.

The Oracle VM Utilities are:

  • ovm_vmcontrol: Command line script to perform administrative operations on a virtual machine.

  • ovm_vmdisks: Command line script to list virtual and raw physical disks attached to a virtual machine in order to facilitate a back up.

  • ovm_vmmessage: Command line script to send and retrieve messages in the form of key/value pairs to and from a running virtual machine that has Oracle VM Guest Additions installed.

  • ovm_vmhostd: Command line script to facilitate the communication of host-based statistics about the Oracle VM Server hosting a virtual machine. Enables SAP applications to be fully supported and certified to run on an Oracle Linux guest.

  • vm_dump_metrics: Command line script that can output the Oracle VM Server host information in XML format. This XML can be consumed by a SAP application running within the virtual machine.

See Section 2.4, “Using the Oracle VM Utilities” for information on the command line parameters and options, and examples for these scripts.