7.29. VBoxManage setproperty

This command is used to change global settings which affect the entire Oracle VM VirtualBox installation. Some of these correspond to the settings in the Global Settings dialog in the graphical user interface. The following properties are available:


Specifies the default folder in which virtual machine definitions are kept. See Where Oracle VM VirtualBox Stores its Files.


Specifies whether Oracle VM VirtualBox will make exclusive use of the hardware virtualization extensions (Intel VT-x or AMD-V) of the host system's processor. See Hardware vs. Software Virtualization. If you wish to share these extensions with other hypervisors running at the same time, you must disable this setting. Doing so has negative performance implications.


Specifies which library to use when external authentication has been selected for a particular virtual machine. See RDP Authentication.


Specifies which library the web service uses to authenticate users. For details about the Oracle VM VirtualBox web service, see the Oracle VM VirtualBox SDK reference, Oracle VM VirtualBox Programming Interfaces.


Specifies which library implements the VirtualBox Remote Desktop Extension.


Selects how many rotated VM logs are retained.


Selects the path to the autostart database. See Starting Virtual Machines During System Boot.


Selects the global default VM frontend setting. See Section 7.12, “VBoxManage startvm”.


Configures the VBoxSVC release logging details. See http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VBoxLogging.


Configures the mode for an HTTP proxy server.


Configures the URL for an HTTP proxy server. Used when a manual proxy is configured using the manual setting of the proxymode property.