7.18. VBoxManage storagectl

This command attaches, modifies, and removes a storage controller. After this, virtual media can be attached to the controller with the storageattach command.

The syntax for this command is as follows:

VBoxManage storagectl       <uuid|vmname>
                            --name <name>
                            [--add ide|sata|scsi|floppy|sas|usb|pcie]
                            [--controller LSILogic|LSILogicSAS|BusLogic|
                            [--portcount <1-30>]
                            [--hostiocache on|off]
                            [--bootable on|off]
                            [--rename <name>]

The parameters are as follows:


The VM UUID or VM Name. Mandatory.


Specifies the name of the storage controller. Mandatory.


Specifies the type of the system bus to which the storage controller must be connected.


Enables a choice of chipset type being emulated for the given storage controller.


This specifies the number of ports the storage controller should support.


Configures the use of the host I/O cache for all disk images attached to this storage controller. See Section 5.7, “Host Input/Output Caching”.


Specifies whether this controller is bootable.


Specifies a new name for the storage controller.


Removes the storage controller from the VM configuration.