Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Client Installation Messages

The following messages are common to both SPARC and x86 installations.

Automated Installation Started Message

If the client is able to successfully boot and download the install files, then the following message is displayed:

Automated Installation started
The progress of the Automated Installation will be output to the console
Detailed logging is in the logfile at /system/volatile/install_log
Press RETURN to get a login prompt at any time.

You can log in as root with the password solaris to monitor the installation messages in /system/volatile/install_log.

Automated Installation Succeeded Message

If you see the following message, the installation is successful:

Automated Installation finished successfully
The system can be rebooted now
Please refer to the /system/volatile/install_log file for details
After reboot it will be located at /var/log/install/install_log

Reboot to start the installed system

If you have set up automatic reboot in the AI manifest, the system reboots at this time. To specify automatic reboot after successful installation, set the auto_reboot attribute of the <ai_instance> tag to true. The default value is false: The client does not automatically reboot after successful installation.