Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Associating Client-Specific Configuration Instructions With Install Services

Multiple system configuration profiles can be specified in one create-profile command because a single client can use multiple profiles. You can specify the same client selection criteria, or overlapping criteria, or no criteria for multiple profiles. When no criteria are specified, the profile is used by all clients that use this install service.

You must have first created a system configuration profile. See Chapter 11, Configuring the Client System for instructions.

The syntax of the command is:

# installadm create-profile -n service -f filename

Specifies the service that the profile is to be associated with.


Identifies the pathname of the profile to associate with the service.

Example 8-19  Associating Client Criteria With A System Configuration Profile

The following command adds the profile-sparc-ent.xml profile to the solaris11_2-sparc install service. The –c option specifies that any clients that are using this install service and identify themselves as M4000 or M5000 servers are assigned the profile-sparc-ent.xml system configuration information. The –p option sets the name of the profile to sparc-ent.

# installadm create-profile -n solaris11_2-sparc -f ./profile-sparc-ent.xml \
-p sparc-ent -c platform="SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise"