Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Adding System Configuration Profiles to an Install Service

Use the installadm create-profile command to add a system configuration profile to an install service. The create-profile subcommand validates profiles before adding them to the install service.

Specify criteria so that appropriate clients select that system configuration profile. If no criteria are specified, all clients use this profile.

A single client can match and use more than one system configuration profile. Make sure that no client uses a set of profiles such that a particular property is specified more than one time. If a client receives more than one specification for any particular property, even if the value of the property is the same in each specification, the behavior of the SMF service being configured is undefined.

If a client does not match any criteria specified for any system configuration profile in the install service, the interactive configuration tool opens on that client.

Use the installadm list command to list profiles that have been added to a given install service and list the criteria that are specified for each profile.

You can use the installadm set-criteria command to change or add to the client selection criteria specified for a profile.

Use the installadm export command to retrieve a copy of the contents of a profile that has been added to an install service. You could modify that copy to create another profile.

Use the installadm update-profile command to replace the contents of a profile that has already been added to an install service.

See Working With Install Services and the installadm(1M) man page for more information about the create-profile, update-profile, list, set-criteria, and export subcommands.