Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Reusing Existing Disk Slices or Partitions

This sample shows how to specify to use existing disk slices for a SPARC client. For disk slices, the dimensions (start_sector and size) from an existing slice are reused. The configuration process will not search the slices to see if there is already a version of Solaris installed.

      <disk_name name="c1t0d0" name_type="ctd"/>
      <slice name="0" action="use_existing" force="true" in_zpool="rpool">

The following example shows how to specify for an x86 client that an existing partition on a disk should be reused during the AI process. For partitions, the existing dimensions for the named slice should be reused. In this case which partition is reused is automatically determined during the configuration process.

    <partition action="use_existing_solaris2">
        <slice action="use_existing" name="0" force="true"/>