Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Setting Install Service Aliases

You can use install service aliases to minimize the amount of reconfiguration that needs to be done when a new service is created. For instance, the default-arch install services are aliases. When creating a service, you can create an alias by using the –t option of the create-service subcommand. The –t option to the set-service subcommand changes the specified service to be an alias of the another service. When you use the set-service subcommand, the specified service must already be an alias.

Manifests, profiles, and client criteria that were added to either the service or the alias remain the same after resetting the alias. The only change is which net image the specified service uses.

Manifests and profiles that were added to the service prior to setting the alias are revalidated when the alias is reset because the AI DTDs and SMF DTDs associated with the new install image could be different. This validation is the same validation that is performed by the create-manifest and create-profile commands.

Example 8-42  Creating an Install Service Alias

This example creates the new install-sparc service as an alias to the existing solaris11_2-sparc install service.

# installadm create-service -t solaris11_2-sparc -n install-sparc
Example 8-43  Modifying an Install Service Alias

In this example, both the solaris11_2-i386 install service and the install-i386 install service alias must have been created previously. The following example sets the install-i386 install service as an alias to the solaris11_2-i386 install service.

# installadm set-service -t solaris11_2-i386 -n install-i386