Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

How to Create and Apply a Derived Manifest Script

  1. Select a manifest to modify.

    Identify an existing AI manifest to use as a base manifest to modify.

    To develop and test your script, you can work with a local copy. At installation time, the base manifest must be accessible by each client that uses this derived manifest script.

  2. Write a script to modify the manifest.

    Write a script to dynamically modify the base manifest at installation time based on attributes of the client being installed.

  3. Add the script to the install service.

    Add the derived manifest script to the appropriate AI install service, specifying criteria that define which clients should use this script to create their installation instructions at installation time. If you do not want to specify client selection criteria, you can add this script as the default AI manifest for the service.

    AI executes the script at client installation time to produce an instance of an AI manifest. AI syntactically validates the resultant manifest.

    Note - If a manifest is not created or the derived manifest does not validate, the client installation aborts. To investigate the cause of the validation failure, see the /system/volatile/install_log on the client.

    If the client installation is successful, the derived manifest is copied to /var/log/install/derived/manifest.xml on the client, and the script used to derive the manifest is copied to /var/log/install/derived/manifest_script.