Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014


–c option
sysconfig unconfigure commandindex iconReconfiguring a System Using a System Configuration Profile
CA certificate
deleting for AI clientsindex iconDeleting a CA Certificate
central collector
Oracle Configuration Managerindex iconAbout the Oracle Configuration Manager Central Collector
AI manifests
manuallyindex iconCustomizing an XML AI Manifest File
client architecture variable
in derived manifestsindex iconClient Attribute Environment Variables
client attribute environment variables
in derived manifests
index iconRetrieving Client Attributes
index iconRetrieving Client Attributes
command line
starting an automated installationindex iconStarting an Automated Installation from the Command Line
configCCR command
–c optionindex iconAbout the Oracle Configuration Manager Central Collector
manual registration andindex iconHow to Manually Register Your System With the Oracle Repository
configuration  Seeindex iconsystem configuration
configuration data
removing allindex iconUnconfiguring a System
removing selected dataindex iconUnconfiguring A Specific Functional Grouping
configuration profiles  Seeindex iconsystem configuration profiles
configure subcommand
sysconfig commandindex iconReconfiguring a System
overviewindex iconOverview of the AI Configuration Process
AI manifest wizardindex iconConfiguring an AI Server for the AI Manifest Wizard
Oracle Configuration Managerindex iconUsing Oracle Configuration Manager
console mode
Live Media installationindex iconHow to Install Oracle Solaris From Live Media If Your System Boots in Console Mode
cpu criteria keywordindex iconCriteria Keywords and Criteria Hierarchy
derived manifestsindex iconCreating an AI Manifest at Client Installation Time
deleting for AI serverindex iconDeleting Server Security Credentials
criteria keywords
for selecting AI clientsindex iconCriteria Keywords and Criteria Hierarchy
customizing AIindex iconCustomizing Installations