Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Non-Global Zone AI Manifest

This AI manifest for non-global zone installation is similar to the AI manifest for installing the global zone. See the ai_manifest(4) man page for information about AI manifest elements and attributes.

    Do not use the following elements or attributes in a non-global zone AI manifest:

  • The auto_reboot attribute of the ai_instance element

  • The http_proxy attribute of the ai_instance element

  • The disk child element of the target element

  • The noswap attribute of the logical element

  • The nodump attribute of the logical element

  • The configuration element

Only the logical child element of the target element can be used in a non-global zone AI manifest. Only one zpool child element can be specified in the logical element.

In the zpool element, only the filesystem and be child elements can be used in a non-global zone AI manifest.

The only value supported for the type attribute of the software element is IPS, which is the default value.

Example 12-1  Default Zone AI Manifest

The following file shows the default AI manifest for non-global zones. This manifest is used if you do not provide a custom AI manifest for a zone. This manifest is available at /usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml.

The target section defines a ZFS file system for the zone. The destination section specifies which locales to install. The software_data section specifies installing the solaris-small-server package. The solaris-small-server package is a group package of tools and device drivers that you might want in most non-global zones that you install. For a complete list of packages that are included in the solaris-small-server group package, use the pkg contents command as described in Listing All Installable Packages in a Group Package in Adding and Updating Software in Oracle Solaris 11.2 .

Notice that no package source is specified. See pkg.sysrepo(1M) for information about the system repository.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

 Copyright (c) 2011, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

<!DOCTYPE auto_install SYSTEM "file:///usr/share/install/ai.dtd.1">

    <ai_instance name="zone_default">
                <zpool name="rpool">
                      Subsequent <filesystem> entries instruct an installer
                      to create following ZFS datasets:

                          <root_pool>/export         (mounted on /export)
                          <root_pool>/export/home    (mounted on /export/home)

                      Those datasets are part of standard environment
                      and should be always created.

                      In rare cases, if there is a need to deploy a zone
                      without these datasets, either comment out or remove
                      <filesystem> entries. In such scenario, it has to be also
                      assured that in case of non-interactive post-install
                      configuration, creation of initial user account is
                      disabled in related system configuration profile.
                      Otherwise the installed zone would fail to boot.
                    <filesystem name="export" mountpoint="/export"/>
                    <filesystem name="export/home"/>
                    <be name="solaris">
                            <option name="compression" value="on"/>

        <software type="IPS">
                    <!-- Specify locales to install -->
                    <facet set="false">facet.locale.*</facet>
                    <facet set="true"></facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.de_DE</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.en</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.en_US</facet>
                    <facet set="true"></facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.es_ES</facet>
                    <facet set="true"></facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.fr_FR</facet>
                    <facet set="true"></facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.it_IT</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.ja</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.ja_*</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.ko</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.ko_*</facet> 
                    <facet set="true"></facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.pt_BR</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.zh</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.zh_CN</facet>
                    <facet set="true">facet.locale.zh_TW</facet>
            <software_data action="install">