Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Setting Up a SPARC Client

The following example associates the SPARC client with MAC address 00:14:4f:a7:65:70 with the solaris11_2-sparc install service.

# installadm create-client -n solaris11_2-sparc -e 00:14:4f:a7:65:70

The DHCP server does not require configuration because the SPARC wanboot-cgi boot file has already been configured by create-service. See Creating an Install Service for more information.

The following results of this installadm create-client command appear in the /etc/netboot directory:

dr-xr-x---   2 webservd webservd     4 Apr  9 08:53 0100144FA76570