Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Specifying an iSCSI Target Device

In this example, the target for the installation is an iSCSI device. Use the iscsi element in the disk element in the target element. The whole_disk attribute of the disk element is set to true, which is typical for iSCSI disks. See the ai_manifest(4) man page for descriptions of the target_name, target_lun, and target_ip attributes.

  <ai_instance name="default">
      <disk whole_disk="true">
        <iscsi target_name="" \
               target_lun="1" target_ip=""/>
        <zpool name="rpool" is_root="true">
          <filesystem name="export" mountpoint="/export"/>
          <filesystem name="export/home"/>
          <be name="solaris"/>
    <software type="IPS">
        <publisher name="solaris">
          <origin name=""/>
      <software_data action="install">