Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Installations Requiring Server Setup

You can perform a “hands-free” installation of the Oracle Solaris software on single or multiple client systems by using the Automated Installer (AI) feature.

To use AI, you must first set up a server on your network, unless you only want to boot from AI media which is described below. When a client system boots, the system gets installation specifications from the server, retrieves software packages from an Oracle Solaris package repository, and the software is installed on the client system.

Note -  Each system requires network access because the installation process retrieves packages from a networked repository.

AI can perform “hands-free” automatic network installations on both x86 and SPARC based client systems. The AI clients can differ in architecture, disk and memory capacity, and other characteristics. The installations can differ in network configuration, packages installed, and other specifications.

For further information, see Part III, Installing Using an Install Server.

In addition to the “hands-free” network installations, you can perform an interactive text installation over the network. The interactive installation enables you to further customize the installation specifications for any particular system. For further information, see How to Start a Text Installation Over the Network.

If you have access to an AI image, even if you haven't configured an AI server, you can download the image and store it on the network or locally. Next, you can burn the image to removable media, such as a CD, DVD, or for x86 installations, a USB flash drive. Then, you can boot the AI media directly on each of your systems. Installations that use AI media are non-interactive. For instructions, see Chapter 5, Automated Installations That Boot From Media.