Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Systems

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Updated: July 2014

Updating an Existing Install Service

Use the update-service subcommand to update the image associated with an alias of a service that was created using an IPS AI net image package. A new service is created with the updated image, and the alias is changed to use the new service.

To use a different repository when updating a service, add the –p option to the update-service subcommand. If the –p option is not specified, the publisher used is the publisher that was used to create the image of the service for which svc-name is an alias.

If the –s option is not specified, the newest available version of the install-image/solaris-auto-install package is used from the publisher.

Example 8-48  Updating an Install Service

This example creates a new service, and changes the default-i386 alias to use this new service.

# installadm update-service -n default-i386
Example 8-49  Using a Different Repository When Updating an Install Service

This example shows how to identify the publisher associated with the solaris11_2-i386 service. First determine the image path for the service using the installadm list subcommand. Then you can use the image path to determine the publisher that is being used.

$ installadm list -v -n solaris11_2-i386
Service Name      Status Arch  Type Alias Aliases Clients Profiles Manifests
------------      ------ ----  ---- ----- ------- ------- -------- ---------
solaris11_2-i386  on     i386  iso  no    1       0       1        1

   Image Path ........ /export/auto_install/solaris11_2-i386

$ pkg -R /export/auto_install/solaris11_2-i386 publisher
solaris          origin   online

This example specifies using the publisher at when updating an install service.

# installadm update-service -n default-i386 -p solaris=
Example 8-50  Using a Different Net Image Package When Updating an Install Service

This example specifies a specific net image package.

# installadm update-service -n default-i386 -s FMRI