Managing sendmail Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Additional and Revised Configuration File Options in Version 8.13 of sendmail

The following table describes the added and revised configuration file options. If you declare any of these options, use one of the following syntaxes.

O OptionName=argument          # for the configuration file
-O OptionName=argument         # for the command line
define(`m4Name',argument)     # for m4 configuration
Table 3-15  Configuration File Options Available in Version 8.13 of sendmail
Argument: number
Default value: 60
Sets the number of seconds for incoming connections to be maintained.
Argument: hostname
To ensure that mail gets delivered to the clients, this option provides a well-connected host that serves as a backup (or failover) for MX records that fail.
m4 name: –confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS
Argument: filename
Lists the input mail filters for the sendmail daemon.
m4 name: –confPID_FILE
Argument: filename
Default value: /system/volatile/
As in previous releases, the file name is macro-expanded before it is opened. Additionally, in version 8.13, the file is unlinked when sendmail exits.
m4 name: –confQUEUE_SORT_ORDER
Added argument: none
In version 8.13 none is used to specify no sorting order.
Argument: period-of-time
Default value: 3h, which represents three hours.
When a daemon connection is refused for the period-of-time specified, the information is logged.
m4 name: –confSAFE_QUEUE
Short name: –s
Added argument: postmilter
Default value: true
If postmilter is set, sendmail defers synchronizing the queue file until all milters have signaled acceptance of the message. For this argument to be useful, sendmail must be running as an SMTP server. Otherwise, postmilter operates as if you are using the true argument.