Managing sendmail Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Planning Your Mail System

The following list describes some concerns that should be part of your planning process.

  • Determine the type of mail configuration that meets your requirements. This section describes two basic types of mail configuration and briefly lists what you need to set up each configuration. If you need to set up a new mail system or if you are expanding an existing one, you might find this section useful. Local Mail Only describes the first configuration type, and Local Mail and a Remote Connection describes the second type.

  • As necessary, choose the systems that are to act as mail servers, mail hosts, and mail gateways.

  • Make a list of all the mail clients for which you are providing service and include the location of their mailboxes. This list can help you when you are ready to create mail aliases for your users.

  • Decide how to update aliases and forward mail messages. You might set up an aliases mailbox as a place for users to send requests for mail forwarding. Users could also use this mailbox to send requests for changes to their default mail alias. If your system uses NIS, you can administer mail forwarding, rather than requiring users to manage mail forwarding. Administering Mail Alias Files (Task Map) provides a list of tasks that are related to aliasing. Administering .forward Files (Task Map) provides a list of tasks that are related to managing .forward files.

After you have completed the planning process, set up the systems on your site to perform the functions that are described in Setting Up Mail Services (Task Map). For other task information, refer to Task Map for Mail Services.