Managing sendmail Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

How to Run a Subset of the Mail Queue, /var/spool/mqueue

Use this procedure, for example, to force a substring of an address, such as a host name, to be processed. Also, use this procedure to force a particular message from the queue.

  1. Become an administrator.

    For more information, see Using Your Assigned Administrative Rights in Securing Users and Processes in Oracle Solaris 11.2 .

  2. Run a subset of the mail queue at any time with –qRstring.
    # /usr/lib/sendmail -qRstring

    Use a recipient's alias or a substring of user@host.domain, such as a host name.

    Alternately, you can run a subset of the mail queue with –qInnnnn.

    # /usr/lib/sendmail -qInnnnn

    Use a queue ID.