Managing sendmail Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

How to Test the Mail Configuration

To test the changes that you make to your configuration file, follow these instructions.

  1. Restart sendmail on any system that has a revised configuration file.
    # svcadm refresh network/smtp:sendmail
  2. Send test messages from each system.
    # /usr/lib/sendmail -v names </dev/null

    Specify a recipient's email address.

    This command sends a null message to the specified recipient and displays the message activity on your monitor.

  3. Send mail to yourself or other people on the local system by addressing the message to a regular user name.
  4. (Optional)If you are connected to a network, send mail in three directions to someone on another system.
    • From the main system to a client system

    • From a client system to the main system

    • From a client system to another client system

  5. (Optional)If you have a mail gateway, send mail from the mail host to another domain to ensure that the relay mailer and host are configured properly.
  6. (Optional)If you have set up a UUCP connection on your phone line to another host, send mail to someone at that host. Have that person send mail back or call you when the message is received.
  7. Ask someone to send mail to you over the UUCP connection.

    The sendmail program cannot detect whether the message is delivered because the program passes the message to UUCP for delivery.

  8. From different systems, send a message to postmaster and ensure that the message is delivered to your postmaster's mailbox.