Managing sendmail Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Changes to the MAILER() Declaration From Version 8.12 of sendmail

The MAILER() declaration specifies support for delivery agents. To declare a delivery agent, use the following syntax.


Note the following changes.

  • In this new version of sendmail, the MAILER(`smtp') declaration now includes an additional mailer, dsmtp, which provides on-demand delivery by using the F=% mailer flag. The dsmtp mailer definition uses the new –DSMTP_MAILER_ARGS, which defaults to IPC $h.

  • Numbers for rule sets that are used by MAILERs have been removed. You now have no required order for listing your MAILERs except for MAILER(`uucp'), which must follow MAILER(`smtp') if uucp-dom and uucp-uudom are used.

For more information about mailers, refer to Mailers and sendmail. If you need to build a new file, refer to Changing the sendmail Configuration in Chapter 2, Administering Mail Services.