What's New in Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4

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Updated: December 2014

er_print Utility Changes

The er_print utility generates a plain-text version of the data views presented by the Performance Analyzer. The output is displayed on the standard output.

The er_print utility is changed in this release as follows:

  • IO tracing data is available in three new reports: ioactivity, iodetail, and iocallstack. In the ioactivity report, data is aggregated by file name. In the iodetail report, data is separated by each file descriptor as it is opened. In the iocallstack, data is aggregated by common call stack.

  • Heap tracing data is available in new reports: heap and heapstat. Use heap to print all allocations and leaks aggregated by common callstack. Use heapstat to print a summary of heap usage statistics including peak usage over the life of the process.

  • New derived metrics CPI (cycles per instruction) and IPC (instructions per cycle) are available when you profile your application to collect cycles and insts hardware counters. CPI and IPC can be specified as metrics.

  • A new report, overview , shows summary information from the experiments.

  • The presentation from object_list now includes the index (as shown in PCs in other data views), the full path to the object, and its setting for visibility of shared-library functions.

  • er_print can now read experiments that were recorded on any architecture while it runs on any other supported architecture.

  • A new printmode string command, supports printing either ASCII form, as in previous releases ( string = table ), or in a delimiter-separated list ( string = X , with X as any single-character delimiter), or as a table in HTML format ( string = html ). A printmode command can be in an er.rc file.

  • Memory Objects specific for a machine will be created if a machinemodel is specified during user er.rc processing, or as an input command, or as a command in a script, or if an experiment being loaded had recorded a machinemodel .

  • er_print shows Java thread names and thread groups, and enable filtering by them.

  • Comparison mode supports displaying compared data as absolute values or deltas to show the change in metric values between experiments.

  • setpath directives are no longer permitted in .er_rc files. If you have setpath directives in .er_rcfiles that you created in a previous release, you should change the setpath lines to addpath.