What's New in Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4

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Updated: December 2014

Performance Library Changes

Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Library is a set of optimized, high-speed mathematical subroutines for solving linear algebra and other numerically intensive problems. Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Library is based on a collection of public domain subroutines available from Netlib at http://www.netlib.org. Oracle enhanced these public domain subroutines and bundled them as the Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Library.

For this release, the following changes were made:

  • Tuning for performance on SPARC T5, M5, and M6 platforms and SPARC 64X+.

  • LAPACK in Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Library is upgraded to version 3.4.2. All of the new features in LAPACK 3.4.2 are implemented in Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Library, including the following:

    • Extra Precise Iterative Refinement linear solvers (3.2)

    • New fast and accurate Jacobi SVD. (3.2)

    • Routines for Rectangular Full Packed format (RFP). (3.2)

    • Pivoted Cholesky. (3.2)

    • Mixed precision iterative refinement subroutines for exploiting fast single precision hardware. (3.2)

    • Computing the complete CS decomposition. (3.3)

    • Level-3 BLAS symmetric indefinite solve and symmetric indefinite inversion. (3.3)

    • xGEQRT: QR factorization (improved interface). (3.4)

    • xGEQRT3: Recursive QR factorization. (3.4)

    • xTPQRT: Communication-Avoiding QR sequential kernels (3.4)

    The LAPACK version in which they were introduced is indicated in parentheses.