What's New in Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4

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Updated: December 2014

New and Changed dbx Features

The following features were added or changed in dbx . For more information, see Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4: Debugging a Program With dbx , the dbx (1) man page and the dbx help file.

  • Start-up time for dbx reduced drastically, with an up to 7x improvement for enterprise applications.

  • New compiler and linker options for dbx. See New Compiler and Linker Options to Support Debugging for more information.

  • New embedded Python interpreter, which enables you to write pretty-printing filters for C and C++ expressions on Oracle Solaris. See Pretty-Printing With Python for more information.

  • New dbxenv variable output_pretty_print_mode that determines which pretty-printing mechanism is used. If set to call. uses call-style pretty-printers. If set to filter, uses Python-based pretty-printers. If set to filter_unless_call, uses call-style pretty-printers first.

  • New dbxenv variable filter_max_length. Set this dbxenv variable to the maximum length of sequences converted to arrays by pretty-printing filters.

  • Support for the C++11 standard added.

  • Support for the C11 standard added.

  • Support for the following compiler options added. For more information about these options, see: Changes to Compilers.

    • –g1

    • –xdebuginfo

    • –xglobalize

    • –xpatchpadding

For more information, issue a help changes command under dbx, to access the dbx help file.