What's New in Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4

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Updated: December 2014

New Command-Line Code Analyzer Tool codean

A new utility called codean enables you to view the code analysis data generated by Previse, Discover, and Uncover using the command line instead of using the Code Analyzer graphical tool. The codean tool provides functionality similar to the Code Analyzer, but you can use it on systems where a graphical environment is not available, or if you prefer the command line. The codean tool can also be used in automated scripts and has some features that are not yet available in the Code Analyzer tool.

The codean tool has the following unique capabilities:

  • See results in html and text formats.

  • Save tool reports for comparison with new versions of the binary being checked.

  • Compare the current report to saved reports to display only new errors. . See Using the --whatisnew Option.

  • Compare the current report to saved reports to display only fixed errors. See Using the --whatisfixed Option.

  • Show all errors from multiple dynamic error checking runs. For example, if a test suite is run with a Discover instrumented binary, aggregate all the data in one text report.

  • Compile a summary html page for all reports under a directory. See Using codean to Generate a Summary HTML Page.

For more information about codean , see the codean(1) man page.