What's New in Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4

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Updated: December 2014

C Compiler

The C compiler changes include the changes that are described in New and Changed Features Common to the Compilers, and the following additional changes.

  • Support for –xregs=float on x86.

  • New options for the C compiler:

    • –ansi - Equivalent to –std=c89.

    • –pedantic - Enforces strict conformance with errors/warnings for non-ANSI constructs.

    • –staticlib - When used with –library=sunperf, links statically with the Sun performance libraries.

    • –std - Specifies the C language standard. –std=c11 is the default compiler mode.

    • –temp - Defines the directory for temporary files.

    • –xlang - Overrides the default libc behavior as specified by the –std flag.

    • –xprevise - Produces a static analysis of the source code that can be viewed using Code Analyzer.

  • Support for C11 features:

    • _Static_assert

    • Anonymous structs/unions

    • _Noreturn function assert

    • _Thread_local storage specifier

    • _Alignof operator

    • _Alignas alignment specifier

    • C11 specified set of characters in UCNs

See the cc man page and the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4: C User’s Guide for more information.