What's New in Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4

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Updated: December 2014

IDE Code Editor Improvements

The code editor features many improvements including the following:

Rectangular blocks selection

In the Editor, you can enable a mode for selecting rectangular blocks of text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R or clicking the Toggle Rectangular Selection icon in the editor tool bar. This mode enables you to select portions of multiple lines of text without including the beginning or end of each line. For example, you can select a comment block without including the initial asterisks and copy it, or you can select and remove all the asterisks from a portion of commented out code in one action instead of deleting the asterisks line by line. You could also copy, move, or delete a column from a text table for example. If you type characters into rectangular selected text, the characters are replicated on each line replacing the selected text.

Clipboard History

You can view the last nine buffers of text that were copied to your desktop clipboard, and select one to paste. With your cursor at the point where you want to insert text, press Ctrl+Shift+D to open a popup of the clipboard entries. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the clipboard buffers and see the full contents in the window below the list of buffers. To paste the contents of a buffer, type the number of the buffer, or press Enter when the buffer is selected. Note that this buffer contains content copied from any window on your desktop, not just the IDE.

Find/Replace Enhancements

The Find/Replace feature in the editor now works completely in the Find tool bar at the bottom of the editor window, instead of a separate dialog box for replacing. The Replace field and buttons are displayed in the tool bar under the Find field and buttons. Press Ctrl+F to activate the Find tool bar and Ctrl+H to activate the Replace feature.