What's New in Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4

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Updated: December 2014

Code Analyzer Changes

The following common features were added to all Code Analyzer component tools. For more information, see the Help in the Code Analyzer and Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4: Code Analyzer User’s Guide .

  • Now available on Oracle Enterprise Linux..

  • Improved enterprise application support by using 64-bit technology in the Code Analyzer components instrumentation engine.

  • Significant improvements to the instrumentation engine runtime.

  • Ability to instrument large applications on small machines due to big reductions in engine memory footprint.

  • Support for SPARC T5 and M5 processors added.

  • Support for Intel Ivy Bridge processors added.

  • Added display variable name information in dynamic error reports.

The following figure shows the Code Analyzer GUI with a code example displaying variable names.

Figure 4-2  Code Analyzer GUI Screenshot with Variable Names

image:Screenshot of Code Analyzer GUI with Variable Names

For more information about Code Analyzer in general, see the Help in Code Analyzer, the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4: Code Analyzer User’s Guide ,Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4: Code Analyzer Tutorial , and the code-analyzer (1) man page.