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Oracle® Server X5-2 Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

Install the NVMe Cables


Caution  -  The NVMe cables should be installed only by an Oracle qualified service technician.

  1. Guide the switch card cables through the chassis mid-wall and place them in cable trough in the air baffle and in the cable trough in the metal bracket just to the rear of the DIMMs [1].
    image:Figure showing how to install the NVMe cables.
  2. Connect the cables to the switch card. [1].
  3. Install the PCIe riser with the switch card into PCIe slot 1.

    See Install a PCIe Riser Into PCIe Slot 1 or 2.

  4. Connect the switch card cables to the disk backplane [2].
  5. Install the two middle server fan modules.

    See Install a Fan Module.

  6. Return the server to operation.
    1. Install the server top cover.

      See Install the Server Top Cover.

    2. Close the server fan door.
    3. Return the server to the normal rack position.

      See Return the Server to the Normal Rack Position.

    4. Power on the server.

      See Power On the Server.

      Verify that the Power/OK status indicator is steady on.

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