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Managing Devices in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: April 2018
Chapter 8

Configuring Storage Devices With COMSTAR

This chapter describes how to configure Common Multiprotocol SCSI TARget, or COMSTAR, a software framework that enables you to convert any Oracle Solaris 11 system into a SCSI target device that can be accessed over a storage network by an initiator. The advantage of setting up Oracle Solaris iSCSI targets is that you can use the existing FC devices to connect to other clients without additional FC-HBAs. In addition, systems with dedicated arrays can now share replicated storage with ZFS or UFS file systems.

This means you can make storage devices on a system available to Linux, Mac OS, or Windows client systems as if they were local storage devices. Supported storage protocols are iSCSI, FC, iSER, and SRP.

For information about configuring iSCSI initiators, see Chapter 5, Configuring an Oracle Solaris iSCSI Initiator in Managing SAN Devices and Multipathing in Oracle Solaris 11.3.

For information about the iSNS support in Oracle Solaris, see Configuring and Managing the Oracle Solaris Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS).

For troubleshooting general iSCSI configuration problems in Oracle Solaris, see Troubleshooting iSCSI Configuration Problems in Managing SAN Devices and Multipathing in Oracle Solaris 11.3.