Netra Server X5-2 Operating System Installation Guide

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Updated: October 2016

OSA for Guided OS Installations

You can use OSA to perform a guided installation of these OSes:

  • Oracle VM

  • Linux

  • Windows

You supply the OS installation media, and OSA guides you through the installation process. OSA then fetches the appropriate drivers based on your server hardware configuration.

Note -  The OSA Installation OS option is not available for all supported operating systems.

During the OS installation you can use OSA to update the OS drivers and other firmware components (such as BIOS, Oracle ILOM, HBAs, and expanders, if applicable).

You can access OSA locally, using a local console connection, or remotely, using the Oracle ILOM Remote Console.

Alternatively, you can install an OS manually using the media. See OS Media for Manual Installations.

Once the OS is installed, you can use OSA to perform a number of administrative tasks, even for OSes that OSA does not install. Some of these tasks include:

  • Get the latest available system BIOS, Oracle ILOM, firmware, and drivers from Oracle (an Internet connection is required).

  • Update system Oracle-certified device drivers for optional accessory cards and other system hardware.

  • Configure RAID 0 or RAID 1 for servers that contain a supported LSI disk controller.

  • Configure the SP, including modifying identification information; configuring network settings (IPv4 and IPv6) and DNS; adding, deleting, or modifying users; and setting the service processor clock.

  • Display system overview and hardware inventory information.

  • Set the keyboard language.

  • Access a Linux shell terminal window allowing use of the runtime environment.

  • Access Oracle HMP (using the Linux shell).

For more information about OSA refer to Server Administration.

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