Netra Server X5-2 Operating System Installation Guide

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Updated: October 2016

Supplemental Software Component Options (Windows)

OSA makes several supplemental software components available for the server.

If you used OSA to install the Windows OS, the supplemental software was automatically installed.

If you manually installed the Windows OS, you can install the supplemental software. See Install Server-Specific Device Drivers and Supplemental Software (Windows).

You have two options:

  • Typical – Installs all supplemental software applicable for your server.

  • Custom – Installs only selected supplemental software.

OSA makes these optional supplemental software components available for your server.

  • LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager – Enables you to configure, monitor, and maintain RAID on the SAS internal RAID HBA.

  • HMP – provides tools to help you manage and configure your server enabling you to do these things:

    • Use a management agent at the OS level to enable in-band monitoring of your server hardware over SNMP. You can use this information to integrate your server into your data center management infrastructure.

    • Use a management agent to enable in-band monitoring of your server's storage devices, including RAID arrays. You can view this information from the Oracle ILOM web interface or CLI.

    • Use a BIOS configuration tool, which runs on the host OS and configures the host BIOS CMOS settings, host boot order, and some SP settings.

    • Use IPMItool to access the servers service processor using the IPMI protocol and perform management tasks.

  • Intel NIC Teaming – Enables the network interfaces on a server to be grouped together into a team of physical ports called a link aggregated group.

    For more information on setting up Intel NIC teaming for your environment, refer to the Intel Connectivity web page on Advanced Networking Services Teaming at:

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