Netra Server X5-2 Operating System Installation Guide

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Updated: October 2016

Set Up a Web-Based Client Console Connection

This procedure uses the Oracle ILOM web browser to remotely access the server console.

  1. Establish an IP address for the server SP.

    Refer to Server Administration, configuring the NET MGT port.

  2. In a web browser, type the IP address for the server SP.

    The Oracle ILOM Please Log In page is displayed.

  3. Log in to Oracle ILOM.

    This is the factory default login account:

    • User nameroot

    • Passwordchangeme

  4. Navigate to the Remote Control → Redirection page.

    The Redirection page is displayed.

  5. Select either video or serial redirection.
  6. Click Launch Remote Console.

    A separate window is displayed. The information displayed in the Remote Console differs based on the state of the host.

    • Host is powered off – Blank screen.

    • Host is booting – BIOS initialization windows are displayed. During this activity, you can enter various BIOS keys to enter the BIOS Setup utility or start OSA. See Setting Up BIOS.

    • Host OS is booted – A message appears prompting you to specify user credentials for the installed OS.

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