Netra Server X5-2 Operating System Installation Guide

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Updated: October 2016

Prepare PXE (Linux)

This procedure describes the high-level steps that you perform to set up your PXE environment to support PXE booting for supported Linux OSes. For setup details, refer to the installation documentation for your OS.

  1. Follow the PXE network installation instructions from one of these resources:
  2. Configure the network (NFS, FTP, HTTP) server to export the installation tree.

    You can configure your network to provide the ISO DVD image or use a KickStart image (network repository).

    Note - KickStart is an automated installation tool. KickStart enables you to create a single image containing the settings for some or all installation and configuration parameters that are normally provided during a typical Oracle Linux installation. Typically, a KickStart image is placed on a single network server and read by multiple systems for installation.
  3. Ensure that these items are configured.
    1. Configure the files on the TFTP server necessary for PXE booting.
    2. Configure your server's MAC network port address to boot from the PXE configuration.

      As an example, if you want to PXE boot from NET0, you can obtain the server's MAC address by logging in to the SP as root, and typing:

      -> show /SYS/MB/NET0 fru_macaddress
             fru_macaddress = 00:21:28:e7:77:24
    3. Configure DHCP.
  4. If you are using a KickStart image to perform the installation, ensure that these items are configured.
    1. Create a KickStart file.
    2. Create the boot media with the KickStart file or make the KickStart file available on the network.
  5. Install the OS.

    See Install an OS (PXE).

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