Netra Server X5-2 Operating System Installation Guide

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Updated: October 2016

Prepare PXE (Oracle Solaris)

This procedure describes how to prepare your environment so you can install the Oracle Solaris OS using PXE.

Note -  JumpStart eliminates most of the manual tasks of setting up the Oracle Solaris OS for the first time on multiple servers. For more information about using a JumpStart image, refer to the Oracle Solaris installation documentation.
  1. Ensure that the PXE boot JumpStart installation server is properly set up and accessible to your server on the network.

    Note - The PXE network boot does not work properly over subnets that include multiple DHCP servers. Therefore, set up only one DHCP server on the subnet that includes the client system that you want to install.
  2. Ensure that the Oracle Solaris installation media is available for PXE boot.
  3. Ensure that the JumpStart installation server has your server's MAC address of the network interface from which the server will boot.

    As an example, if you want to PXE boot from NET0, you can obtain the server's MAC address by logging in to the SP as root, and typing:

    -> show /SYS/MB/NET0 fru_macaddress
           fru_macaddress = 00:21:28:e7:77:24
  4. Install the OS.

    See Install an OS (PXE).

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