Netra Server X5-2 Operating System Installation Guide

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Updated: October 2016

Set Up Remote Boot Media

You can start the network installation from a redirected boot device such as a CD/DVD or ISO image. You must provide the installation media.

Note -  Alternatively, you can start the network installation from a networked system that exports the installation over the network using a PXE environment. See Preparing Your PXE Environment.
  1. Insert the boot media into the device.
    • For a CD/DVD-ROM – Insert media into the built-in or external CD/DVD drive.
    • For a CD/DVD-ROM ISO image – Ensure that ISO images are readily available on a network shared location.
  2. Establish a web-based remote console connection.

    See Set Up a Web-Based Client Console Connection.

  3. In the KVMS menu of the Oracle ILOM Remote Console, click Storage...

    The Storage Devices window opens.

  4. Click Add...

    The Add Storage Device window opens.

  5. Locate the bootable image, and click Select.

    The Storage Devices window is updated with the Path and Device Type.

  6. Click Connect.

    The image is mounted and available to the Oracle ILOM Remote Console.

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