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Continuous Delivery of Orchestrator and Notification Enhancements

The Orchestrator transforms how you use your entire JD Edwards system. Orchestrator automates the collection, processing, and exchange of data. There are many patterns for Orchestrator including automation, integration, notifications, and capturing data from IoT or other sources, all of which lead to automation. For more information about Orchestrator features, click the Tools Release below to access the Net Change guide or click on a specific topic to view the supporting content.

June 2022
  • Start a Workflow Process from a Logic Extension
  • Orchestrator Multipart REST Connector without File Attachments
  • Free-form Input for Orchestrations Launched from Form Extensions
  • Array Inputs for Orchestrations Launched from the EnterpriseOne User Interface
  • Import and Export Workflows from Orchestrator Studio
  • Outbound and Third-party Cross-references for Orchestrations
  • Create and Delete Workflows from Orchestrator Studio
  • Improved Layout for Workflows
  • Environment Properties for Orchestrations

April 2022
  • Logic Extensions: Business Function Support
  • Rich Formatting of Messages
  • Null as a Criteria for a Rule
  • Logic Extensions Diagnostics
  • Manage Report Output in Orchestrations

January 2022
  • API to Manage Files in the AIS Root Temporary Directory
  • Assertion Definitions for All Rows in a Grid
  • Allow Default Values for Array Inputs to an Orchestration
  • Manage File Output from REST Responses
  • Option to Exclude the Summary Row from a Form Request Response
October 2021
  • Launch Orchestrations from Composed EnterpriseOne Page
  • Pop-up Messages for Orchestrations Launched from the EnterpriseOne User Interface
  • Orchestrator Support for Media Objects
  • Add Current Environment as a System Value in Orchestrations
  • Display Messages in Orchestrator Monitor
  • Files as Orchestration Input and Output
  • Workflow Studio on the Glass
  • AIS REST APIs to Discover Objects and Execute Business Functions
  • Logic Extensions
  • Service-Only User
  • Return Associated Descriptions for Data Requests
  • Bypass Warnings During Process Recording
  • Attachments to Messages: Media Objects

June 2021
  • Extensible Scripting Framework
  • User-defined Orchestration Response Message
  • End User Authentication through JSON Web Token
  • Orchestrator: Continuation for Steps that Generate Warnings
  • Create an Orchestration with a Single Click

January 2021
November 2020

June 2020
  • HTTP Compression for AIS Output
  • External REST Authentication via Public Key Certificates
  • Queue Control for AIS Requests
  • Grouped Arrays from CSV Files
  • Return Orchestration Inputs in the Output
  • Printing an Orchestration
  • Expand or Collapse Nested Orchestrations