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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Install the Server Module Into the Modular System


Caution  - Insert a filler panel into an empty modular system slot within 60 seconds of server module removal to ensure proper chassis cooling.


Caution  - Hold the server module firmly with both hands so that you do not drop it. The server module can weigh as much as 20 pounds (9.0 kg).

  1. (If needed) Replace the cover.

    See Replace the Cover.

  2. (If needed) Remove the rear connector cover from the server module before inserting it in the modular system.
  3. Remove a filler panel from the modular system chassis slot that you intend to use.

    When the modular system is operating, you must fill every slot with a filler panel or a server module within 60 seconds.

  4. Hold the server module in a vertical position so that both ejector levers are on the right (panel 1).
    image:FIgure shows how to insert the server module in a slot of the modular system.
  5. Slide the server module into the chassis and extend the ejector levers (panel 2).
  6. Close both levers simultaneously, locking the server module in the modular system chassis (panel 3).

    Once installed, these server module activities take place:

    • Standby power is applied.

    • The front panel LEDs blink three times, then the green OK LED on the front panel blinks for a few minutes.

    • Oracle ILOM is initialized on the server module SP and is ready to use, but the server module host is not started.

  7. Start the server module host.

    See Powering On the Host.

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