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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

View Log Files (Oracle Solaris)

The error logging daemon, syslogd, automatically records various system warnings, errors, and faults in message files. These messages can alert you to system problems such as a device that is about to fail.

The /var/adm directory contains several message files. The most recent messages are in the /var/adm/messages file. After a period of time (usually every week), a new messages file is automatically created. The original contents of the messages file are rotated to a file named messages.1. Over a period of time, the messages are further rotated to messages.2 and messages.3, and then deleted.

  1. Log in as superuser.
  2. Type:
    # more /var/adm/messages
  3. To view all logged messages, type:
    # more /var/adm/messages*

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