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SPARC T5-1B Server Module Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Install the Battery

Use a CR2032 replacement battery.

  1. Install the replacement battery with the positive (+) side facing the nearby SP.
    image:FIgure shows how to install the battery on the server module motherboard.
  2. Return the server module to operation.

    See Returning the Server Module to Operation.

  3. Access the Oracle ILOM prompt.

    See Log Into Oracle ILOM (Service).

  4. Set the clock's day and time.

    Enter the datetime value in the form MMDDHHMMYYYY.

    For example:

    -> set /SP/clock datetime=091214052012
    -> show /SP/clock
            datetime = Wed Sep 12 14:05:20 2012
            timezone = PDT (PST8PDT)
            uptime = 15 days, 02:36:54
            usentpserver = disabled

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